Heavy lift project forwarding the Superior way

A world beating USA railway Rolling Stock company required the services of a UK/USA based Forwarder to arrange the safe shipping of three large ocean charter movements of specialised Rolling Stock from their plant in the USA to door in the UK.

Reliability, appropriate skills, knowledge of the Charter market, trust, dedication, and flexibility were key requirements.  A Forwarder with credentials able to deal with Heavy Lift, Out of Gauge cargo was essential.

Not surprisingly, they chose Superior.  Was it the name, or our proven track record, in-house skills, or our reputation for quality and reliability?  Well, all of these, actually!

The shipments consisted of 15 units, weighing 1,062,112.00 Kilos measuring 4642M3, to be split over three phased shipments.  Deadlines were critical, multiple skills were required, ocean charters are notorious for delays and cost ambushes.

Superior met every criteria: -

  • Ability to engage Charter vessels at the right price, of the right size, at the right time.
  • Skills to understand Charter contracts and terminology.
  • Knowledge of Heavy Lift transportation to the port, stevedoring, lashing and securing.
  • A professional team to manage all aspects of the movement.
  • The willingness to attend at all critical points in the process.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Flexibility to adjust to uncontrollable events, for example Atlantic storms increasing transit time - requiring hasty re-arrangement at the arrival port, reorganising cranage, heavy lift transport, the ultimate delivery schedule.
  • Clearing Customs

In fact, providing the whole kit and caboodle, taking all the strain away from our Customer and their Consignee.

So good a performance, we are BIFA Project Forwarding Awards finalists based on this example.  It also led to a Fulfilment contract.  See our Fulfilment case study.

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