Customs Brokerage & Compliance

We offer a range of customs-related services. Some of which are listed below.

  • Import and Export Declaration Filing: Assisting with the necessary CDS paperwork and submissions required
  • Permits and Licensing Support: Helping our clients obtain the necessary permits and licenses required
  • Full Customs Clearance and Delivery throughout the UK: Managing the entire customs clearance process in CDS and ensuring the timely delivery of goods within the UK.
  • Deferment account available (DDA): Offering our deferment account, which allows our clients to defer payment of customs duties and taxes until a later date.
  • Advice on Temporary Importation / ATA Carnets: Guidance on temporary importation procedures and ATA Carnets, for specific purposes like exhibitions or trade shows.
  • In-transit movements: Managing customs procedures for goods passing through the UK en route to another destination.
  • Fiscal Representation: Supporting our clients in the EU relating to customs procedures.
  • BTI Applications: Assisting with Binding Tariff Information (BTI) applications, which provide certainty about the classification of goods for customs purposes.
  • Support in preparing for a Customs Audit: To ensure compliance throughout each shipment
  • Postponed VAT Accounting information (PVA): Providing information and support which allows you the importer, to account for your VAT on your return rather than paying it at the time of import, a great cash benefit.
  • Brexit Support: Offering assistance and guidance to clients navigating customs procedures and regulations in the context of Brexit and its impact on trade.                           Click here for our Brexit Checklist
  • Commodity code classification assistance: Helping clients determine the correct commodity codes for goods, which is essential for customs clearance and duty calculation. Click here for our HS code breakdown
  • Customs Health Check and Full Management: Conducting customs health checks to assess compliance and efficiency, as well as offering full management services for clients' customs-related activities.

These services collectively provide comprehensive support to our clients involved in import and export activities, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and facilitating smooth trade operations.

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