Fulfilment contracts offer valuable advantages

Overseas based businesses with no presence in the UK, but needing logistical and service support, can find this by using a Fulfilment service.

It can also be attractive to UK based business who do not have the facilities or skills to manage distribution effectively, may wish to ‘partner’ with a logistics’ specialist who can provide a complete and joined up solution for both domestic and international facing markets.

Fulfilment is also the way many companies now choose to release time and assets for more effective use within their core business.  Why tie up expensive floor space, capital and human resource which could be better concentrated on expanding other aspects of a company’s production and services.

So, Fulfilment contracts offer valuable advantages – Superior, recognise this and are successfully supporting businesses in the USA and in the UK.

For example, a US based business selling complex capital equipment into the UK are required to provide a spares inventory exceeding 2000 items, many being single item picks.  They need a constant support line to be in place with emergency express delivery options on a 24/7 basis.

Superior provides the solution:

  • Shipment and Forwarding service for Spares supplies from origin
  • Customs clearance and Duty management on arrival
  • Warehouse management system to receive and check stock into inventory
  • Provision to the US customer of real-time web based stock visibility
  • Facility to allow US customer to produce pick-list via the web
  • Instant picking reaction and distribution on emergency, same day, next and standard delivery options
  • Delivery tracking options
  • Liaison with customer and consignee
  • Stock reporting and regular cycle counting

Why worry, let Superior take the strain!

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