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Supply Chain Management is the complete service. It allows you as our Customer to concentrate on your core business interests, whilst Superior take the worry and the stress away by offering a total management package – custom-made to fit each individual business needs. We can include:

  • Consultancy and advice at all stages, even pre-production workshops
  • Management and benchmarking of freight costs
  • Logistical planning and control of shipments, by any mode of transport, on a global basis and under any Incoterm
  • Full Export documentation production and control, including Export invoicing, Certificates of Origin, Letter of Credit management, Documentation distribution
  • Production of all necessary Shipping documentation – Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, Certificates of Shipment, or as required
  • Attendance to all Customs processes
  • Insurance management
  • Awareness training programmes and workshops for our Customer’s staff, including Incoterms, Letters of Credit and Payments, Customs processes, Common best practice
  • Management Reporting and regular Review meetings
  • Market alerts to industry and regulatory changes
  • General advice and guidance pertinent to each Customer

Training and Guidance programmes:
We know the importance of sharing both skills and knowledge within the vastness and complexity of Importing and Exporting activities. Many Forwarders, Customers, and Practitioners think it may be better to keep things to themselves, or even be secretive. Superior do not share this view.
We are not talking about commercial sensitivities, but about working together to achieve a seam-less understanding of international logistical processes; Customs rules, regulations, and processes (globally as well as local); and the many hurdles it is necessary to clear to enable the successful movement of goods, the avoidance of problems and any consequential costs, the successful completion of transactions and payments.
Removing mystery and providing guidance works both ways and, importantly, engenders trust and creates a true partnership approach to such a critical business relationship.

So why not ask about our training programmes and workshops to help in understanding:

  • Incoterms
  • Letters of Credit and Payments
  • Import and Export Practice and Customs processes
  • Idea sharing partnership workshops
  • Customers staff awareness programmes and workshops
  • Tailor-made workshops
  • What questions you as our customer should ask your client so we can price a solution accurately


Letter of Credit (Documentary Credits) service:
70% of all Letter of Credit presentations are rejected on the first presentation to the Bank. A statistic which has hardly changed for 50 years! Shocking isn’t it?
Mostly it is about the skill and resource to manage the process, often a problem for Exporter’s on tight resources, or perhaps, where the use of Letters of Credit is spasmodic. The fact is, most Letters of Credit go wrong at the beginning, not the end.
Superior will offer you advice and guidance at the Proforma Invoice stage, or even earlier at contract negotiation stage.

We will tell you how/help you: -

  • To instruct your Buyer
  • To construct and word your Proforma invoice or any alternative offer document
  • To seek a copy of the Pre-advice of a Letter of Credit from your Buyer, before the Bank issues it – allowing corrections to be made
  • How to manage the Letter of Credit immediately on receipt from the Issuing/Advising Bank
  • Check it for ‘workability’ before you commit to shipment

And then we will: -

  • Advice any issues or likely problems
  • Construct or assist with all documentation production and collation
  • Manage all Shipping processes and shipping documents
  • Check all documents prior to submission to the Paying/Advising Bank
  • Manage the presentation of documents

The fact is, Letters of Credit need to be understood by all personnel involved in the process, not least the Sales team, Accounting team, Operations, and even the Warehouse and Logistical teams – so why not look at our Training resource.

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Supply chain management on time & on budget

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