New Import Controls are here - SPS

If you are importing Plants & Animal Products and High Risk Foods please read on


From 30 April 2024, physical, documentary and identity checks at the border are scheduled for medium-risk animal products, plants and plant products imported to Great Britain from the EU, as well as high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin from the EU – your cargo may be spot checked for inspection in Sevington, Kent.

Make sure you have taken all necessary steps to avoid any disruptions on the day, please see the below links

 – Importing live animals and animal products to Great Britain  
 – Importing plants and plant products from the EU to Great Britain  
 – Importing plants and plant products from non-EU countries to Great Britain 

Transporting goods through our ports may take a little longer as more shipments of foodstuffs and other goods will be subject to physical checks.