Cargo Insurance (all modes of transport)

Do you know your Incoterms? Do you know where your risk starts?


Incoterms define which party bears the costs of the shipment and at what point the risk (for loss or damage) passes between the buyer and seller.  It is important to note that in event of damage or loss whilst in transit, or a declaration of General Average, all Carriers and Forwarders have limited liability under their Standard Trading Conditions. These vary per mode of transport. It is essential to have Cargo Insurance in place to cover the difference between these Limits of Liability and the true value of the goods.


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Premiums depend on the value of the shipment, destination and mode of transport.
Haz Mat shipments, Vessel delays or omissions are not covered.
Higher Premiums will relate to fragile, electronics and temperature controlled shipments, War and Strike Risks.