Another Heavy Lift Train Wagon, supported by the Superior Team

A potential new underground carriage, in transit since mid September, transhipping four times until it reached its final destination port into Southampton Port, Christmas Week (Dec 21).

The Remit: To arrange UK Customs Clearance and ensure the smooth delivery 10 miles from port. A showcase wagon which is to be tried and tested before hopefully going into full production.

Two of our team were on site all day at Southampton port to oversee the movement from its MAFI, which the wagon shipped on, onto an extending low loader vehicle, strapped and lashed to secure. 

Blessed with great dry weather but cold, the wagon made its way from the quay side along the motorway escorted to its destination. Reversing into its final warehouse position, a nail biting 10 minutes whilst it narrowly missed the top of the warehouse door. A successful day for all parties.

Case Study Images